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The Bandoleer

Rarely do we see a player with a 40mm launcher with more than 2-3 working shells. So why the hell would we need a bandoleer for 12? Well, if you haven’t figured out yet what’s 95% of airsoft about, you need to learn one basic fact; It’s good to look good 😉


I believe that somewhere, maybe across the pond, there are players who use their M79/ M203/M320 or revolving GLMs to spread chaos in their CQB or woodland games. I have always wanted to be the 40mm spraying machine, not a sniper…sniping is not my cup of tea, matey.



Toy Soldier is famous for making quality replicas of high-end gear that is quite difficult to obtain. They try to keep up with the quality of the original piece and in most cases they succeed. We’ve had our share of TS gear and I can say that the 40mm bandoleer is one of the best sewn nylon gear out there. Well, it’s not that complicated too. Only an idiot could fu** up a simple product like this.


Everything is made from original 500D cordura and webbing in Multicam. Flaps have velcro and button closures. The velcro is a bit noisy but you can’t have everything.


The strap is 35mm wide and 97cm long ( excluding the bandoleer, which is 53cm long). Unless you look like an average Walmart resident you won’t have problems adjusting the belt. It is also closed by a metal ladder buckle ( please someone could verify the name).


For those players who appreciate the look more than usability, Toy Soldier has preparred 40mm dummy grenades.They do look cheap but I believe they are the only ones on the market so we’re stuck with TS here. Of course you might mill shells or buy used real steel ones…but it’s neither that easy nor cheap. A little bit of filing here and there, some new paint and the TS 40mm might look quite nice.


Unfortunatelly they are very light. But because they are hollow, we can drill a hole and fill them up with sand, so the weight would be a bit closer to the original.


I haven’t tried with m203. They fit M79 but do not lock.


To sum up. Toy Soldier’s 40mm bandoleer is not a piece for everyone. The guys who are into serious impressions should be more than interested. It might be a bargain if you can’t find an original piece for your reenactment set.

If you are an airsoft granadier rocking 12 shells ( sorry, King Grenade from Madbull is just too long) this bandoleer might complement your load out too. The flaps keep your expensive shells secured, at the same time assuring easy access.




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