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Stronghold Radio Pouch gen.1


Yet another radio pouch…

Well, this particular pouch has been around for a couple of months. If you keep track of our youtube channel you might remember that a couple of months ago we did a video review of Stronghold’s Zero Pals rig, and now, thanks to Sprzetmilitarny.pl, we got our hands on Gen.1 radio pouch in Dudek’s favourite PenCott GreenZone. Yay!

If you happen to use Puxing, Wouxun or similar in size and shape radios, this pouch is for you. Of course, once you get used to one, in my humble opinion, flaw. But first, let’s take a glimpse at the built quality.


The pouch is a laser cut small piece of cordura. What to say more. The design is really simple, making the usage as easy as pie.  Radio’s keyboard is accessible  through a silicon foil.  No problems here.


Radio is fitted nicely. Although, I feel that despite being designed for Puxing, I had to  use a bit of a force to install the device due to strong rubber bands. On the other hand, it’s not a big deal as the radio is secured and won’t fall out ( tested! ).

The problem with this pouch is that we could use the cord solution which was implemented in other Stronghold’s pouch, i.e. the GPS one. You can’t use the radio single-handedly, the pouch falls down and swings like…we all know what :p I consider this to be the most annoying flaw. But than again, you don’t need to look at the led screen to check what channel you’re on. I assume everybody knows well his communicating device and can operate it without looking.


The other thing that could be introduced in gen.2  is a hole. Just a little one, for the speaker or  ptt cables. Gen.1 doesn’t have it and it’s really difficult or almost impossible to use additional devices along with the radio. A small hole would do the work.


That’s all, as far as bitching about the design is concerned. Let’s take a look at the fastener. It’s a small rectangular piece of cordura with velcro on the side. It looks quite solid but I could use a snap or an additional rubber band.


Do I have to it’s molle/pals compatibile? It is. The straps are the same as in other Stronghold’s pouches.


To sum up. Despite the above mentioned flaws I like this pouch. Finally I can easily access my radio. What the hell, I might even consider taking it for a skirmish more often 😀 The whole is nicely done. Sewing is top notch as guys do hold to high standards.I can’t nag about the quality, just the two design imperfections.


ps. Looking forward to Gen.2 :p





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