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Specops K.93 Greenzone

I know what were missing. Briefs in Greenzone. Can you imagine how awsome they would be?  But seriously, all guys green with envy should take a glimpse at the gallery of Specops’s Kaliber 93 line, which is supposed to be, and is, a cheaper equivalent of the regular line. K.93 was introduced in 2009 and after 5 years, we can get it in the most fancy camo we know.

Thanks to SprzetMilitarny shop,  the sole distributor of Specops gear, we hava the pleasure to test virtually the entire K.93 line; AK / Beryl double pouch, AR15 double pouch, cargo, hydro pouch, grenade pouch and 9mm magazine single pouch.


I will not fool around by describing each pocket separately, as it’s  pointless to be repeating oneself about the common characteristics. As I mentioned earlier, the K.93 line has been on the market for over five years, and the design clearly shows it. Pocket design is painfully normal, which personally I think is a big adventage. Why change  something that is good. Anyway, in K.93 is not about innovation but quality and price, which considering  the camouflage, is very appealing.

Alleged cheapness of K.93 suggests the use of inferior materials. Nothing wrong. 1000D Cordura is the original PenCott GreenZone; the ITW Nexus buckles, Alfatex velcro, Amann threads, PASAMON webbing. Good stuff.

All pockets are reinforced, literally. Two layers of Cordura and one can really believe in the 3 year combat warranty. Thus airsoft one would  probably be for a million years ormore. The downside is quite large stiffness of the pouches. But not the type of Flyye stiffness, which is a pain in the ass.


The mounting system is based on 25 mm tapes. So it’s a problem, unless you use 20mm😉


Double mag pouches look identical. They differ only in size. Naturally, the AK / Beryl pouch is relatively higher than the AR15 one. Flaps in both pockets are finished with a wide belt. Winter’s coming so we’ll be able to check whether it is convenient to open the pouch with big gloves on.


However, AR15 pouch can take AK magazines. But it won’t work the other way round. Ar15 mags are too short.


The grenade pouch has a different type of closure. Instead velcro, we have a  buckle. As in the magazine pouches, we have a wide rubber keeping the item firmly in place. Without any problems I’ve put the MK18 dummy from Toy Soldier. Unfortunately, I have not tried with other grenades, because I don’t have any left. I had but…well, one might say they all reanimated and left my room 😀


I really like the cargo pocket.  It’s said that is has a capacity of 3 liters. All in all it’s quite easy to check; because of the lack of even a single drain hole, water has nowhere to escape. So by simply pouring some water inside we can check the capacity. I have no idea why they decided not to put a drain hole in a cargo pouch, while magazine pouches have one.

The pouch has one buckle closure. The flap is profiled on both sides. With a full flap, the sides have a tendency to roll up. The dropping of a few centimeters of the material makes the flap „match” the pouch better.


Besides the flap, all content is further protected by the chimney with drawcord.


The pouch is not large, making it much  more versatile than the other, much larger, Specops pouch I have written about some weeks ago. Here’s a comparison with AR15 and AK mag pouches.


The 9mm pistol magazine pouch has no problems accomodating airsoft Hicapa style magazine; a speedloader; cheap multi-tool or a small flashlight. The photo shows only the  magazine… imagine the rest yourself :p As you can see, the pocket has a velcro closure; the sides have rubber, which firmly holds the item. No drainhole at the bottom.


At the end I checked the hydration carrier.  It didn’t have any problems with my 3-liter Omega, even though it is a bit too broad. Narrower bladders should fit perfectly. I have to bitch about one thing. A freaking  genius decided to use green webbing. Why the hell ?! Greenzone requires GreenZone webbing!

The pocket is quite large and, for me, looks a bit strange on the back of Stronghold zero pals rig.


K.93 is a very good offer. If you do not seek innovative and uberpro solutions, but you want GreenZone; K.93 is perfect. Nothing fancy in terms of desing but than again…not everyone needs up to date stuff, just up to date camouflage 😉
ps. If anythings goes wrong with the gear, you’ll know about it





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