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Specops GreenZone Drop Pouch


The world has gone mad. Dudek has finally started using a drop pouch  aptly named WZM-1.

I didn’t plan to write about it. I thought I’d throw it into the video review of  SPECOPS’ products, which is going to see the light of the day  in a few months. However, moving pictures will be in  95%  about the Ultra Light line, and classic pouch like that would stand out like a sore thumb.


Prior to extending, the bag does not seem substantial in size. On the contrary, it is quite small at face value. But I could be wrong; a big boy like me may have impaired perception.



The bag is rolled up and held in place by two Velcro tabs.  There’s no denying that the pouch is big. However, despite the considerable size and with appropriate mounting on gear (molle system) or a regular waist pants (preferably 50mm width). It is practically not noticeable, until we fill it with magazines, etc.



The manufacturer says that the bag will accommodate 10  AR15 or 8 AK mags. With the right arrangement I was able to hold 10 AK mags.



Thanks to an internal puller we can reduce the intake, which should prevent accidental loosing of the kontent  while crawling or dynamic movement.



Edge, just above the extractor is stiffened. This provides a stable shape of the inlet, making it easier „to find ” drop pouch without looping at it.



As in the case of cargo pocket described in the previous entry, we are dealing with a very well made product from  SPECOPS. The sewing is at a high level. Top materials make it impossible to fall apart within a year or so.


Robust product for a solid price. Surely, you can buy something similar at a lower price. But not in GreenZonie: p


WZM-1 was kindly supplied by sprzetmilitarny.pl

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