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Specops GreenZone Cargo Pouch

Let’s start with cons. Can anybody explain by what authority such a cool pocket was arsed up by  adding olive webbing?!  PenCott GreenZone cordura requires the use of Greenzone webbing. Nothing else. Period.  The use of other colors is a rape to such a wonderful.


In total, the use of olive tape is the only thing I can bitch about. Specops’ Cargo pocket  does not bring anything innovative in the topic. I was expecting a line of laser cut-outs. But to my surprise, I got a classic, but enlarged, cargo pocket.



It is also not surprising that SPECOPS does not skrew things up. Neat seams, double stitching  where you Reed it, and  a decent twa way zipper  with the manufacturer’s logo. A small detail but it makes my heart grow fonder. Nevertheless, despite the small size, the slider can be noisy. But I listened to a lot of the old Vader, so I Simple can’t be bothered with it.



Did I mention that the cargo is big? Here’s a  comparison with SAGEAR MRE pouch which easily fits in a bit more SPECOPS’s.



Additionally, fitting a liter Nalgene and half a liter Camelbak’s Better Bottle is a piece of cake. Nonetheless, you can find it difficult with tall beer bottlers.



The inside has got two additional compartments to arrange things in a seemingly logical way.



Pocket has four molle/pals columns.  It is quite wide and block-shaped. However, it may well be used as hydration poczet for e.g. Source 1L bladder, etc. No matter where you wear it;  on the waist or on the back.


The pouch, without the content, was kindly supplied by sprzetmilitarny.pl, which is a exclusive distributor of SPECOPS in Poland.


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