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Specna Arms HLD set

Derptek for less than 40euro? Seriously?

Courtesy of Gunfire we got our hands on a Specna Arms uniform in HLD camouflage. At first glance, it appears that we are dealing with a copy of well-known camouflage from an American company. The case of copies and/or replicas has always been an issue among users. Some do love them, some don’t. Let’s leave the right choice to our conscience and wallets.

I’ll start with the positive one which comes to my mind. If someone likes this particular camouflage pattern, the Specna Arms option is the only one below 40 euros making it as cheap as dirt. On the other hands, if one expects professional-quality, workmanship and heavyduty fabric, this is not the way to go.



I love baked beans, Polish „flaki” and „bigos„. I cannot imagine my life without these. However, a side effect of these particular dishes are violets winds. Sometimes you might even run out of your breath. It’s like descending into the seventh circle of hell. SA uniform’s scent, is the eighth circle. After opening and removing the set from the foil my flat was covered with obnoxious odor of cheap Chinese rubber. It was a serious mistake to put on the uniform, because after taking it off the stench remained on my skin. I immediately threw clothes on the balcony, where they stayed for a whole week, then I washed them, twice. Only after such actions, uniform was ready to use. Importantly, it has lost none of color.


Execution is not at a high level, because why should it be? This is a classic example of cheap Chinese workmanship. As previously mentioned, do not expect a professional performance, reinforced seams, double stitches, YKK zippers, good and evenly sewn Velcro. We get exactly what we can get for 40 euros.


The uniform is full of protruding threads.


Velcro are fairly rigid and are far from being good. They are lightly sewn, so there is a good chance that with frequent use they can fall off. Just like the Velcro opening in the elbow pad pocket , which tore at the first opening.


Specna Arms  uniform is cut into a popular ACU style, it looks exactly like the original counterpart. On the chest, we have a place to put nametapes.


Shoulder pocket with velcro opening and panel.


Chest pocket (there are two) is quite shallow, as it has barely 12cm. I do not have the original ACU uniform at home but from what I remember, chest pockets were deeper.


The velcro is sloppily stitched onto the collar. It’s obvious that it will press against the neck  and bearded men will feel discomfort when hair will cling to Velcro. A neck gaiter or a shirt can do the work to protect the neck.


There’s a lot of velcro on the cuffs , which give us a lot of adjustability.

Nonetheless, the velcro does its job well. Maybe its lifetime is not the same as the branded Velcro but for light use it’s enough.


Exactly as in the ACU, the pants have two back pockets with buttons. The standard depth, very good performance.


Cargo pockets have a velcro closure and a drawcord to adjust the opening. The depth is approximately 19 centimeters.


Small calf pockets are used to hold  small personal medkit or other items of similar dimensions (height 16cm, width 10cm)


There is a small open pocket to hold three pens or chemlights. Unfortunately, my pocket was unevenly stitched, and two of the three spots are not wide enough for my pen. Well, I can just use a slimmer pen. However, the original chemical light will not fit.


Seven belt loops can accommodate  a belt wide up to 45mm.


Cord provides additional waist adjustment.

Our family jewels are protected by 4 buttons, so we can say goodbye to the quick access.


Legs also have a cord to adjust.


Bipolar noname zipper tends to stutter and sometimes it’s a bitch to open/close. In addition, the zipper is protected with a velcro flap.


HLD camouflage is quite light and you should take this fact into consideration. In the green forest you can be visible. It may work much better in late autumn or in urban areas.



Is it worthwhile to consider the purchase of uniforms Specna Arms? Yes.

Despite the poor performance, it’s the cheapest option to take possession of a uniform in a copy of the very popular pattern. Fabric, despite the initial awful smell, does not lose color after a few washes. The cut is universal and everyone should feel comfortable in it. The Sunday or Saturday warriors should be satisfied. Remember, it is not a tool for serious use.

As far as sizing is concerned. My SA HLD uniform is in XLR, I usually wear Large Regular/Long pants and jackets ( according to US army size chart) and this one fits nicely. So it’s the first Chinese made uniform I could get in my size.



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