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SCG Custom Boonie Hat

Sprinter Custom Ghillie is a very young Polish based company. Kamil, the guy behind this project, is a young dude who knows how to make great products.

I’ve been following his project for over a year but, due to the fact that I don’t give a nickle about sniping and using a ghillie, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to his offer.



However, some time ago we started talking about boonies. One of his first project was a Ghillie Hat, a regular boonie customized with stripes and fabric leftovers to make a great concealment friendly product. He did some wonderful job with my Applied Orange short brim boonie in woodland useless A-Tacs.


You might ask yourself, why GreenZone? Well, it’s bloody effective and…let’s face it, tactically posh. As I got my hands on a few yards of GZ nyco, I started looking for partners to sew me a couple of things. You might remember MIWO PRASZKA, who are terrible in terms of communication, but did a hell of a job with my SK-12 shorts.

SCG boonie is custom, but my „ideas” were limited to suggesting implementing a short brim and making it wearable by a guy with a 64cm head. I left the whole project to Kamil as I knew he will do it perfectly, and he did.


My bush hat is one of the variations of the soon to be released Commando Boonie. I do not own the Commando version but I can find only one main difference between it and mine. My boonie’s top has mesh instead of nyco fabric. This makes it a great hot conditions hat as it allows quick drying and cooling effects.


With a simple drawcord the hat is fully adjustable to your own personal preference. My version has a maximum head circumference is 64 or even a bit closer to 65. It’s wonderful for a big headed person like me. Most factory made products are too small and custom made ones are the only option.


The back has a square-shaped velro panel for all those fancy morale patches or, more useful, IR ID/ cat’s eye ones. Thumbs up for SCG for using an original quiet loop in GreenZone.


The hat has webbing to attach extra vegetation to enhance the concealment properties. It looks pretty nice with the interwinding cord .


To increase the quick drying effect the inner part of the hat has coolmax material. It’s exactly the same fabric which is used in British GI t-shirts.


The brim is quite short with its 5cm, making it a perfect hat for those sunny and rainy days.


SCG might be small but the quality their products show is sky-high. Every thread is precise and finding any imperfections is almost impossible. The only thing I can bitch about is how the quiet loop was sewn onto the hat. I guess someone was a bit bagged 😉


If you’re looking for a great boonie, SCG is company to consider. I hear, they are taking pre-orders for their Commando Boonie.

I’ve been using it for over three months, taking it everywhere possible. Of course I had to exclude places where wearing a boonie would only make my wife furious. However, in any other case SCG boonie along with Applied Orange one, was all the time with me.

It’s a great piece of kit. Due to the mesh it’s very breathable in any conditions. It’s very comfortable…I mean, really comfortable. I am a very demanding user as far as comfort is concerned. I usually quickly get rid of hats that do not fit my size requirements. SCG fits my head like a glove.

Sometimes I miss the string with which I could hang the hat on my neck.














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