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SAGear Phone Pouch

That’s a really nice small piece, and my phone loves it.


Since I dropped my old small mobile  in favour of much bigger smartphone I was looking for a propper case to secure it during hiking and airsofting. I didn’t search the market thoroughly, as I had been in touch with SAG for some time and was eager to get their phone pouch. And I did.


I’ve been taking it everywhere, except work, for the last year. It’s a great piece designed for larger phones like LG L9  but devices like Sony Xperia Z3 are far too long to be able to close the flap. So, once you decide to get the SAG phone pouch, take the size into consideration.



The flap has a velcro closure and a strap with which we pull the phone out of the pouch.


The pouch comes with two mounting straps. I am not necessarily into this kind of solution. I prefer the fixed mounting straps, as I tend to lose the ones I got with every, in this case, SAG pouch. You could have figured it out already that I am not into malice straps too :p


Once fitted it can be a great part of any loadout. During skirmishes I’ve always preferred to have my mobile close. Keeping it in a shoulder pocket can be a bit bitchy when you decide to take it out. Having your mobile in a pouch on your chest rig or pc offers incredibly easy access.


The pouch did its job well as a part of my small fanny bag kit during any form of hiking or running.


The size is not substantial. The pouch is two collumns wide and five long, so it’s the same size like any regular shingle. I haven’t tried it but if need be I could fit in a AR15 mag. Additionally, the thickness generally depends on the one of the mobile. My L9 looks like this, with 29mm in the thickest part.


The sewing is decent with no loose threads. You can’t shit things up in a simple design like this and SAG’s sewing work is as always top notch. All the stitches are well done with locks in all trouble spots.


I don’t like the bottom part of the pouch. The excess of the cordura was sewn together forming a flap. It looks funny and the only logical usage of it which comes to my mind is the fact that it can cover the strap’s buckles.


Summing it up. SAG once again proved to be a company, which some products might lack innovation, but are well made providing the owner with a good pouch that does its job.

Thumbs up!







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