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P1G Tac Summer Mount Trac Suit Mk-2 [ENG]

Prof1 Group is a Ukrainian company which besides selling everything tacticool manufactures their own line of uniforms under the  P1G Tac brand. I must admit that I am very happy with the fact that we were able to obtain a complete set in a very interesting camouflage called Frog / Toad (Jaba Poliova).

Summer mountain set MK2 (Summer Mountain Trek Suit) was sewn from ripstop weave material (65% cotton, 35% polyester). The fabric is supposedly IR, unfortunately we can not confirm it as we lack such expensive toys like night vision goggles. However, the material is quite warm and  even at a temperature of approx. 20 degrees Celcius Irek was sweating like a pig.

All zippers are YKK, while the velcro is of unknown origin but does not represent a lower level. The quality of the materials used is truly European.

We receive the jacket and the pants in as bag, which later can be used for transportation or storage of clothing or other items of equipment. Very nice move from the manufacturer. After all, he could put his jacket into a foil bag, and simply reduce costs.

The jacket resembles a cross between a regular uniform jacket and a smock. It suits me just fine, because I am not an advocate of big jackets with fuckzilliard pockets. Four are enough.

Two shoulder pockets  are open vertically. They fit a big smartphone quite nicely so you shouldn’t have any problems fixing  a couple of your favourite candy bars there.

The entire exterior of the pocket is covered with a gray Velcro. Unlike most manufacturers, P1G Tac includes a patch in the corresponding camouflage to cover the whole velcro area. (see the previous picture)

Two chest pockets have also vertical closure. Unfortunately, while wearing a tactical vest or chestrig we have no  access to the content. Additional outer zipper would be nice.

The inner part of each pocket is made from an airmesh material which increases air circulation.

The jacket has a high stand up to protect against wind, water, hail, whooping cough and other calamities caused by men. I do not know if  high collar can prevent mosquitoes and other forest bastards from entering. However, I’m sure it will protect us against abrasion arising from the use of slings or shoulderstraps

At the bottom we have a drawcord by which we can customize the jacket according to weather conditions or personal preference. In the forest, even when it’s hot, it’s better to tighten the drawcord so that no ticks would suck into our arse.

A good idea is bipolar zippers under the arm. It’s a summer uniform, so the extra space for cooling in handy. With two sliders at hand we can choose the right size of the gap. However, someone forgot to include some mesh fabric to prevent insects and the like from falling under the jacket.

Normally, jacket and pants, have space for inserts on elbows and knees. Unfortunately, they are not included.

The jacket has a hidden removable hood. The circuit can be adjusted by the cord at the rear.

The hood is tucked away in a stand-up in a  Velcro closed pocket. If need be, it can we removed simply by uzipping.

Jacket sleeves have a  Velcro closure to adjust the wrist circuit. Additionally, the sleeve is extended on the outer side of the hand to provide extra protection against mechanical damage, etc.

Trousers is also a variation on American military solutions, which does not change the fact that I prefer P1G pants better than the ACU or MCCUU.

 We have 6 pockets. Two front, two thigh (with an additional small pocket) and two rear.

The front provide easy access to content. There are shallow, and it’s important for targaniu valuables.

Thigh ones, unfortunately have Velcro closure. It is not the quietest or most convenient solution when you wear gloves. Space, we get is not  the largest. Oh, just an average capacity cargo pocket.

Additionally, the pocket has a vertical zipper from the inside. We would appreciate the opportunity to remove the contents of the pouch without twisting and turning while driving. Unfortunately, the zipper is quite short and it’s difficult to insert the whole hand or easily remove the content from the main chamber. The zipper is rather used to remove the contents of the small pocket, which takes IDs well enough.

In addition, each thigh pocket has  drawcord. If the pocket is full, we can, in addition to the velcro closure, tighten the pocket.

Typically rear pockets are small.  The  P1G Tac pants’ rear pockets act as the main cargo pockets. They are big and even loaded do not interfere with walking or, even more, crawling. Pockets have velcroI don’t know why they didn’t not used buttons. I love buttons.

The pants have five 7cm wide loops, one of which has an additional D-ring.

The crown jewels are hidden behind one button and a zipper.

Legs are finished with Velcro flap. Very convenient solution, though perhaps not as stable as cord.

P1G Tac may not have invented the perfect set, but they managed to sew a really comfortable one. I was particularly taken by the jacket that despite its regular army jacketequeness (material) is very convenient, provided that all our gear is on a beltkit and a backpack. The hood further enhances the versatility. As far as the pants are concernced I’d change all velcroes with buttons. Additionally I’d enhance the alternative entrance to the thigh pocket.

The last part of the set is a combat cap. Despite having 6 small ventilation holes, it does not provide the best breathing, but it can fit my large head. The XL takes 63cm heads without a problem. The cap does not have velcro or adjustment option.

However, all the power of Prof1 Group clothes is in the usage of their Jaba Poliova (Frog Field) camouflage . As you can see, Jaba is a very green camouflage. Some might say, too green.

Frog, despite the apparent brightness, charmed and surprised us with its efficiency. I know that pictures do not fully reflect reality.  You have my word. Frog does its job!

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