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MIWO PRASZKA SK-12 Shorts in PenCott GreenZone

Shorts are short, but the story of their origin is a tad longer. In Poland, if anyone wants to have a pair of trousers or a shirt  sewn, one may encounter a lot of problems. On one hand, we have a few tailors who are great with creating beautiful pieces from cordura. While on the other,  sewing clothes is not that easy.

With a few meters of ripstopu NYCO (50/50) PenCott GreenZone I wanted  to utilize some useful clothes. And there I was left with my first problem. None of private tactical tailors did not want to nor had  time or equipment to take up the challenge to sew a pair of trousers.


If you were lucky enough to  find someone, the price was a deterrent. Several companies ignored or simply  rejected the project. Overall, I am not surprised. Single item orders have never been their priority.


One day, I sent an email to MIWO Praszka. At first they were not interested. But apparently my personal charm and doubtful „popularity” of  SCDTV channel made wonders: D


To celebrate, I did my John Cleese’s the ministry of silly walks parody


When ordering shorts, I could not suggest any modifications. All in all it’s better than nothing. Therefore, let’s get down to  business. SK-12 Shorts are a short  variant of their longer  brother – UP pants . Both versions are available only in two camouflages, i.e. MultiKam and wz.93.


Shorts have six pockets. There are the two internal front pockets I forgot to include on the photo


Next two are located on the buttocks. These are inner pockets with Velcro flaps. The manufacturer normally uses Canadian type buttons. However, they are not included in mine.



The next two are large external cargo pockets.  Pockets’ flaps use my beloved Canadian buttons.

The cargo pocket  flap is double layered. When fastened, the first flap adjacent to the pocket protects items from falling out and dosn’t allow any garbage to get inside.


Pants’ fly is not zipped but utilize four buttons.


This is not the fastest solution, when Nature calls. The fly is the last place where I would use the buttons.


The pants have seven fairly broad loops. Without Any problem you could us a 60mm belt.  My 38mm is far too narrow.


Next, after the fly buttons,  unnecessary element is the inner tie band. Apparently it can save our honour when we lose belt and pants will fall to our dismay …. but, my pants do not fall. Never.  There is nothing like having a natural stabilising layer 😉


By default, all parts susceptible to tearing, were double stitched.  Bottom are has an additional layer of material.


MIWO Praszka, despite the lack of innovation in their products, is doing a solid job. You can not fault the quality of sewing. Everything is at a very high level. The project itself is based on classic bdu trousers . Simple design and lack of complicated solutions do not complicate our joy of use. Six, well distributed and sufficiently deep pockets are more than enough.


I’m happy with my purchase and I sincerely recommend SK-12 shorts . Maybe we can persuade MIWO to sew another pair in another, equally cool camouflage.



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