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Leo’s Kommando-Feldbluse

It ain’t gonna be any kind of detailed review. Just a sneak peak as we got this particular piece for a photo session. As we couldn’t stress test the jacket we only took some photos and put down a couple of thoughts came to our minds once we opened the parcel from E-Militaria.

The jacket is called Kommando-Feldbluse, so it’s and looks just like you’d expect a field jacket to look. Nice cut with two front and shoulder pockets. Sewing is superb, as you couldn’t get anything bad from Leo. Those Germans know how to sew.


The jacket is devoid of buttons. Yes, there are NO buttons just velcro. I do not know if it’s the best solution. Undoubtely, it’s a unique one. It is the first time I came across a jacket where the front is closed by a set of velcroes. I do not like it as I feel it could wear with time. Maybe the adventages of this kind of closure would emerge in future but for the time being I consider it a stupid idea.


The rest of the jacket seems to be much better in terms of design and comfort. Chest pockets have velcro closure…well, velcro is everywhere. Leo decided to get rid of buttons in favour of „quiet” loops.


I am fond of chest pockets. Decent space for smartphones, small notebooks is one thing. The other, the closure; great looking, giving easy access.


It’s a rare thing to see epaulets on a modern uniform. But than again, Leo does like implementing such traditional touch into the designs.


Wristbands are velcroed too. The jacket has a significant „cut” in the sleeves which does look nice but could allow some creepy crawlies inside even with the cuffs tightened.


Generally, I do not tend to use the stand up collars in my jackets as I prefer to have a sniper veil which is much more convenient to protect my neck. No worries with Leo’s Feldbluse. It has no working collar as there are no buttons or velcro which could be used to fasten it. Pity. Nonetheless, I do look awsome.


The last feature I found handy, among a couple of unusable ones, are these little  vent nets. They seem small but might do the work in a conducive environment. Thumbs up for implementing them.


While writing this piece I do not know the price of the jacket. If it fells besided the one for Leo’s Explorer pants it’s going to be a bargain. Of course if you decide to take it in more fancy and expensive patterns like PenCott’s Badlands or MC Tropic.  I’d go with it and I’d have some buttons sewn here and there.



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