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Leo Köhler KSK Combat Pants – PenCott GreenZone

GreenZone? Seriuosly? Again?!Yep. You just can’t have too much Greenzone. Never. Period.

It’s still challenging to find a pair of pants in PenCott Greenzone. As far as Polish shops are concerned, we are limited to three brands; Helikon-Tex, Leo Kohler and Specops. The first is made in China, Leo’s German while Specops is purely Polish made. These companies use the original material from Hyde as, fortunatelly,  there is no copy available…yet.

Some time ago I came across Leo’s KSK pants in flecktarn during a few of local skirmishes. A couple of my friends were rocking these pants with success for the past years. They looked badass but they had one major disadventage – flecktarn. Don’t get me wrong, but I hate this camouflage. Period.

As I started to change my gear in favour of GreenZone I decided to get a pair of KSK pants in Hyde’s green pattern. At the beginning I was thinking of Helikon-Tex’s but Leo’s design seemed much more solid due to the usage of cordura here and there.

The day came. I bought a pair. Hugs and kisses to guys at e-militaria.pl for the discount 🙂


The pants are build like a rock. But can you expect anything different from Leo? I guess not. I heard that the civilian made products are not as strong as the KSK  issued ones ( also made by Leo ). But I simply can’t verify it. If it’s true…shit, the KSK issued pants quality must be monolithic!


Allright, let’s stop jizzing and get down to pros and cons. In a very chaotic manner I presume.


Each company that uses Canadian buttons in cargo pockets instantly becomes one of my favourite. Leo is no exception. Two large buttons keep the pocket closed when needed, making it easy to open whenever one wants.


The righ pocket has an additional inner pouch for a flashlight or a knife ( Mora Craftline Q Allround fits perfectly)


There are two hip pockets. Comfortable and not too shallow. At the back we’ve got only one pocket. Perfect for a standard size wallet.


Another feature that marks Leo pants out are the thigh straps. Both are adjustable and integrated into the whole design. I can’t think of any logical use of these. Holding the excess fabric to reduce noise during movement or additional fastener to the bulky cargo pockets? Nonetheless, they make pants look awsome.


The straps are adjusted by a buckle which tends to drive into the thigh when you sit down.


Next thing I haven’t come across in other trousers on the market is the double ankle hem. The first one has a drawstring while the other has an elastic one.

The whole idea is that the second is closer to the shoe and it helps to keep insects and foreign objects out. Nonetheless, it is not perfect. I have found that the inner trouser leg tends to slip off the shoe during use allowing all creepy crawlies inside. It could be a bit longer but I’m not sure if it could solve the issue. So if we don’t kneel down too often, the problem won’t come up.


Trousers close with button waist and zip fly making it fairly easy to access the family jewels when need be.


Belt loops are almost 60mm so any duty belt can and will fit easily. For over a year I’m working with Bayonet’s belt.


The crouch has a couple of ventilation holes. However, I haven’t experienced any effective ventilation as that particular part of the pants has 1000D cordura. Yep, it’s indestructible. Yep, it doesn’t let air pass. Those small holes won’t make any difference.


There are two plastic d-rings for attaching small carabiners or other utilities. They are too bulky to my taste. They could have used smaller ones.

If you happen to have a pair of German issed braces the KSK pants have five buttons to use.


The knees are reinforced with 1000D cordura and additionally they can accomodate padding. I got rid of the inserts as soon as I opened the parcel. With them inside, the knees felt far too stiff.


The cordura reinforcements in the knee and crouch area are good but why the hell did they use 1000D insead of 500D? 1000D is far too stiff. Yes, it’s difficult to destroy but 500D would be equally good or even better in terms of breathability, temperature and comfort.

Once, when it was more than +15 degrees Celcius and after a few kilometres I felt like my crown jewels were boiling. Leo, not good. Just use lighter material and it’s a go.


Some of you may bitch about GreenZone being too pricey. Well, it ain’t cheap but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. As far as the material is concerned Leo use 50/50 NYCO ripstop fabric with 1000D cordura reinforcements. The fabric complies to all IR standards and other serious milspecs. Although some might doubt it 😉


Is it worth buying? Yep. This is the shit.



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