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LandCamo ABD/ Mammut Partizan

This one’s gonna be really short as I want to give Kazik from RusMil a kick in his arse so he could start writing a much longer article about his Partizan in LandCamo ABD/Mammut pattern.


LandCamo is a new player on the camouflage map of Europe. Based in Slovenia, the company has a sneaky plan to invade the market with 5 different variants of their own pattern. For the time being there are only two fabrics available; early autumn pattern ABD/Mammut ( 35%PES, 65% COT) and desert-like ABD/SERE ( 100% COT). There are three more variants;  JAGER ( forest environment), GORA ( mountain) and ALPINE (snow). They plan to have NyCo, polyester, 1000D and 500D cordura and 100% cotton.

The pattern is 52cm x 61.5cm and it looks that it does it work as a uniform one. Thanks to rus.mil.pl we have this photo. I hope Kazik won’t kill me for using this one without his permission 😀


The particular maskalat was made by Nightfox for rus.mil.pl and it’s the only one in the world. There are none like this one so it was an honour to get our sticky hands on this one. The size is 52/6 which means that a guy between 180/190cm can fit in there easily. Well, it’s a Russian based maskalat so it should be buggy but we managed to fit it onto two, completely different guys.

The small one.


The big one.


The partizan has got two button front chest pockets and a cord to adjust the chest diameter.


Two trousers pocket. And that’s all, no more.


Additionally, the whole pullover jacket has lots of loops, where you can attach local vegetation to enhance the camouflage abilities.


The maskalat wouldn’t be a real one without a hood. This ones is pretty cool. The cord can adjust the diameter from small to xl. Additionally the hood has a visor like in a regular combat cap.


One of my favourite features is the camouflaged net. It broadens the view with the hood on. If you look closely you will see more loops on the top of the hood.


Trousers do not have the fly but taking a break and talking to Mother Nature won’t be a problem.  As you can see, they can fit a really fat guy. The rubber and a cord do their job well.


The cuffs and legs have rubber inset so they adjust to the body. Beside that, they look funny.


I leave more detailed description to Kazik 😉  Believe me, Mammut isn’t maybe the best forest pattern out there. But it’s a strong contestant who with a bit of luck can become much more popular among airsofters and real deal. It looks awsome with PenCott Greenzone gear.





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