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Exploring Leo’s pants.

Another short one. We got these courtesy of E-militaria for a photo session we were having a couple of weeks ago. We needed a pair in Badlands and we got one. I specially didn’t ask for KSK ones as I used and abused a pair a couple of months ago. Guys at Gear Inferno were very positive about Explorer ones, so, driven by sheer curiosity I asked for them. What can I say after using them for as short as 3 hours…they’re nice with a chance to be really great.

They do look decent with KSK Smock. Badasslands rocks!


Explorer pants are a great example of Leo’s „budget” line. You might wonder why I wrote „budget”, well…they are cheap as dirt taking into consideration the camo you get. Low price is usually mirrored in poor quality, which, fortunatelly, is not the case here. The pants are well built. Great work by Leo, as usual.


I really like the simpicity of the design. No fancy ideas, just usability. I might bitch about the fly being devoid of my favourite button and replaced by a velcro, but I won’t. In my opinion it’s not the best idea as velcroes tend to wear with time. If I lose a button I can always sew a new one.  But on the other hand, it’s comfortable with a belt.

The good thing about the velcro strap is that one might loosen the waist if need be.


Front pockets are quite deep and the access is not that terrible. Nothing fancy here.


Rear pockets too. The flap has a velcro closure and the access point is descending making it more natural for a hand. The pockets are closer to the sides of the pants.


Cargo pockets are really driver friendly. Each one has two access points. The first, top access is closed by a flap with velcro just like any otner ACU style pants. The second one is a zipper fitted on the inner side of the pocket. I love it. You don’t have to wriggle on a seat to take anything out of the pocket. Just unzip and take what you need.


The leg doesn’t has no adjustability but I found it very comfortable. I had no problems with the leg inside or outside of my RATs.


Explorer pants can take any belt up to 50mm. I used my Bayonet 45mm belt with great comfort, getting great stability. There are five belt loops which have additional cloth „d-rings”.


Summing up. I’m getting one pair asap. Great buy for this kind of money.








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