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Defender-2 Set Replica

Actually, for a long time I did not know what to write. The vest makes a solid impression. TS performance is as ustal –  first class. Solid velcro is sometimes a bitch to open. No threads standing out. Inside, we’ve got a replica of a set of soft inserts. Virtually everything’s perfect.

Nonetheless, let’s not be a dick. Enjoy our updated review of Defender-2 vest replica from Toy Soldier.

Just as the original, on the inner back there are fancy looping elements whose prime role is to  increase air circulation.


However, the front inner part has velcro panels ready to take similar elements .


From the inside, we also have access to two with Velcro opened pockets for dummy soft inserts.


After all the time has passed since the first look at the black version of the vest we haven’t had a chance to take a look at the original vest. Thus, we can assume, basing our knowledge on the photos of the original, that the only thing different is the label. Which in the Toy Soldier’s case has their usual spelling mistake.


The producer tried to make the best reproduction of the original. All buckles and Velcro are where they should be are to notch. TS couldn’t forget about  two fully functional armor plater pockets.


The vest itself is suitable for every airsofter no matter if you’re a skinny or chubby one . Shoulder straps are fully adjustable and even at Adi’s height 1.84m we have a lot of in hand.

The same thing is with adjustable side straps. Adi weights about 80kg and he can easily do up almost full length. The rubber is flexible enough that you could easily hide those extra few pounds behind the vest if need be.


The vest is built from a really strong nylon and velcro. The buckles are by NIfco. Unfortunatelly this is everything we know about the material. I’d say it’s cordura 500d but to be honest I have no bloody idea. It nothing close to anything from Chinece clones swarming the market.


Additionally to the vest you can purchase for a mere 20usd or less a set of neck and groin protectors. Both simple in desing yet true to the original. The materials used are the same as the vest. The sewing too. Top notch.

The nect protector.


The groin one.


Both have foam inserts giving them a nice feel and look.


I would question using these additional protectors during airsoft skirmishes.  While the neck protector tends to chafe against the skin, the groin one is always happy as if it had a morning wood all day long.



I really can’t be the fussy kind here. The vest is a solid piece of kit from Toy Soldier. If you’re not looking for a molle version, I believe it’s the cheapest choice you can get nowadays. For sure it looks badass with a proper Russian chestrig!


The colour is Olive Drab but the photos might cheat you a bit. It’s not that dark in reality.





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