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Camolegion by Helikon


Thanks to guys from Survivaltech we got a chance to take closer look at Helikon’s first ever designed pattern.

My knowledge concerning camouflages is similar to my wife’s knowledge of cars while choosing which one to buy. „Honey, I like the colour and shape. Let’s take this one”.

I consider myself more of a practical guy than a theorist. I leave the in-depth reviews to more qualified people out there. Here let’s just focus on a few thoughts that came to my mind since I opened the parcel with the uniform.

The purpose of this short article is not to describe pros and cons of the Helikon’s CPU design, as you can find planty of those throughout the internet. Secondly, these uniforms  don’t cost an arm and a leg, so probably you might find a set worn by a friend of yours. Despite it, I’d like to say that I really like the design. Looks comfy. I didn’t have a chance to wear it as we got Small-Regular and I wear Large.


I’d like to add that the uniform is over a year old and had been tested in various environments by Survivaltech. Those guys know their job and know how to test gear…well, so do we 😉


The pattern looks like a love child of Polish wz.93 Pantera and Atacs. Does it mean it’s good? Well….I don’t know.


Here’s the inner side of the fabric ( 60% Cotton, 40% Poly).


It looks nice with OD/RG-like velcro and fleece.



Sometime ago, we gathered over 20 woodland patterns  to make a simple comparison. The Camolegion was neither bad nor good. Just average. Take a look at the photo, where you can see Camolegion next to MC Tropic, Jaba Poliova, Atacs FG and Greenzone. You can notice the resemblance to Atacs pattern. Helikon’s camouflage lacks green, which would make it more woodland friendly. With all those brownish colours it’s just a big dot, when spotted from a distance.


Here are more patterns. Camolegion is 6th from the right. I feel it’s a bit too dark. Lighting up the colours and adding some green would make Camolegion a much more interesting option in the growing camouflage market.


Nonetheless, the pattern has potential and, fortunatelly, the version you see is not the final one. I hope Helikon will focus on developing Camolegion into a more woodland friendly pattern. I look forward to it, as because it’s a Polish design we might find Helikon or Direct Action 😉 producing gear that can be a bit cheaper as no royalties would have to be paid.


Some work and even this dark blob can be effective. We count on you Helikon!







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