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Applied Orange Short Brim Boonie Elite [ENG]


Thanks to Applied Orange my oversized head got a piece that fits! Finally! If you’re the owner of a really large head, this boonie is a choice. It’s really difficult to find a proper looking  hat that fits and suits a 62/63 cm head. Most companies do not provide these sizes, ending their size chart with 61cm ( correct me if I’m wrong). Nonetheless, the wonderful Dutch guys from AO made my day by releasing the BFB ( Big Fuckin’ Boonie).


What I love about this boonie is its short brim. I literally hate long ones. The brim should be short as to pro vide decent comfort to the user. The user is me and I decide what is comfortable and what isn’t. The short brim provides good shade during a sunny day and does it’s job during rain. Nothing to bitch about. It’s great.


The materials used in the production of this lovely piece are worth mentioning. The whole boonie is entirely made out of TenCate Defender M fabrics. So the technology behind it is like the one behind Imperator’s Death Star…it’s fucking awsome! FR fabrics can save your hair ( if you have any) and due to its most wicking features the wearer won’t feel uncomfortable because of the sweat pouring onto ones face.

The camouflaged boonies ( not the Elite series) are made from nyco (50/50 or 65/35). Thus my PenCott GreenZone boonie, despite being the same size is a bit too small. It fits just as good as the Atacs AU one, but after getting a Tan/CB one, I found the camouflaged boonies tad smaller. Knowing this, the next AO boonie will be a single colour one, they are simply bigger.


The boonie features a nice set of air vents on both sides allowing air to circulate, thus getting rid of the excess  of sweat. This is the first time I have come across such solution as other companies usually have either mesh „window” ( not that common actually) or a set of two meshed buttonholes that do nothing. I found AO design as equally good as my favourite „windows”.


Additionally, the bottom has a secret pocket  for all our super secret stuff. However, keeping paper money etc. is not  the best idea as sooner or later it will get wet. It’s better to store your Durexes there ( to illustrate , we used my friend’s old student’s card…Just imagine it’s one life-saving-parenthood-repelling condom)


Inside we’ve got a fast drying fabric matching mesh to provide comfort  to the user. I have been using the AO boonies, along with others, for all year round and they’ve been one of my favourites. I can’t admit they are the best, as it would be a lie. They do their jobs perfectly.

I sweat like a pig. Literally. AO boonies, no matter if I was using Elite or Non-FR, all provided comfort and dried fast in the sun or when left alone on a hanger.


Naturally, we can change the size by adjusting the drawstring at the back. It’s the best solution I can imagine as one hat can fit many heads, and you don’t have to look for a accurate size, which sometimes can be misleading as different producers despite giving the same numbers provide different sizes. To illustrate, Tru-Spec’s 7 1/2 fit me perfectly, while Propper’s 7 3/4 ( which is almost my size) was far too small.


The common boonie feature I despise is the strap that goes under the chin. It should help us during strong winds by shortening its length to fit it closely to our head. That’s true but I’m not keen on it. I loath the dangling strap and it usually ends up on the back of my neck. I think I’m going to cut it off.


For the cost of 35 euros for Elite or 25 for non-fr  you get a great piece. It’s a fair price to pay for a boonie that is manufactured and designed in EU, made from top fabrics. The sewing is top notch. No loose threads. Pure awsomness.


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